Dive for a Cause & Dive for Adventure!

Aquarium Divers for Coral Society is a nonprofit organization of aquarium divers
with the 
mission to voluntarily increase restoration, preservation, and education
efforts to 
stabilize coral reef ecosystems.

There are over 3,000 aquarium divers in the United States

You already have the skills

If only a small fraction participates

Now get the certification

Coral restoration output can increase by 20%

And save the coral reefs

Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire

ADFC is bringing the diver community together to create unique dive trips that help restore coral reefs.

Become a member today and start enjoying the perks! Membership is FREE!

Member Benefits:

  1. Dive for an environmental cause while diving for recreation.
  2. Group pricing on accommodations and diving.
  3. Use your dive skills and experience for coral restoration.
  4. Join divers from across the world collectively volunteering to increase the global restoration efforts.
  5. Select from different locations to dive.
  6. Select time of the year to travel from the ADFC schedule. 
  7. Bring a nonmember as a guest at  their own expense but at the group package rate
1. Once you join, you will be assigned a membership number. You will need to provide this when signing up for a restoration trip.
2. You will need to provide proof of dive accident insurance which is current for the dates you will be traveling.
3. There will be waiver forms to submit before trips.
4. The first trip you take requires that you pay for the restoration training course and certification required.  The course is provided by the foundation doing the restoration. ADFC has negotiated with the foundations to accept each other’s certifications for ADFC members. If we plan to work with a foundation that doesn’t accept certs. of other foundations, it will be noted in the posted trip package. 
Donations are used by ADFC to pay the operating costs for  – insurance, state fees, deposits to have an upcoming restoration trips schedule, and website costs. ADFC is run by a volunteer Board of Directors.